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Allied Residential Mortgage (ARM) started when three partners, Sal Ayala, Peter Rodriguez, and Tony UMana, decided to join forces to offer a variety of loan programs from a large portfolio of lending partners to find the perfect loan for each borrower’s unique financial situation.

The partners’ in-depth expertise, with over 500 million real estate transactions processed and a large network of investors, give ARM the ability to find our clients a loan that is tailored to their unique financial situation, eliminating the need for them to shop around. Period!

ARM also provides its clients with more protection by removing the process of sharing their personal and confidential data or information with multiple banking institutions by using our proprietary Online Network Exchange.

Innovative Solutions and Full Transparency

We realize that not every borrower fits into a standard loan. That’s why we leverage our knowledge and expertise to help our clients find innovative solutions to achieve the goal of homeownership.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. We believe in full transparency in total cost. We disclose all fees in detail to be paid through the loan as part of our pre-qualification process.

You can trust Allied Residential Mortgage to be your ally in saving you money and time.

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